Our Approach & Vision

We are a Wellness company with a holistic approach. Since childhood we are taught about the essentials our body needs for maintenance and well being. We just want to further educate people about these concepts with a “Your body is just like a bank” approach. The more you put in, the more you can take out. What also would be implemented in our marketing strategies is “prevention is better than cure” approach. Thinking practically about it, an annual wellness centre/Gym membership costs around 10-12,000 rupees, Dietary supplements for wellness? An additional 10-15,000 rupees!

But, Insulin injections? Dialysis? A LOT MORE! And hence, our vision became clearer, To push people to move more and to eat good. Maybe some cheat meals as a reward? ;)

We Focus on only two things:-

  • supplements that work and are authentic
  • at the best possible prices


All our supplements are directly sourced from Official brand recognized importers with importer's seal, hologram and official authentication code.




Our Team

Meet our Founders! The people who are helping you get authentic supplements, Protein, Mass Gainer, fat Burner, BCAA at the most reasonable prices! FitSlash Is the official retailer of GNC, Ultimate nutrition, Glanbia( Optimum Nutrition, BSN And Isopure) And many more result oriented Dietary Supplement brands!


Thakur Aman Singh, Founder

BBA 2013-2016, Amity Noida Alumni


“Being a fitness and wellness enthusiast I personally have faced issues in getting my hands on authentic dietary supplements, that too when I have quite a few links in the same field. The current scenario of Dietary supplements, Fitness and wellness industry is quite messy in my humblest opinion. With that being said, I obviously am pointing out the “Bro-science” that is being practiced. That is what we’re targeting, with FitSlash, we aim to eliminate the “Bro-Science” and Make way for “Pro-Science”. By bringing quality products to the customers and a platform which later will be used by customers to connect with quality Wellness professionals. FitSlash Is just the start of what me and Mansehaj have imagined for years to contribute to the Wellness and Healthcare Industry. Girlfriend? Dumbbells and Technology!” 

Mansehaj Singh, Co-Founder

BBA 2013-2016, Amity Noida Alumni


“The idea to serve ourselves to healthcare and wellness sectors started kicking in from the college days when I randomly brainstormed on 2 ideas a day with Aman and we both deep down knew that we would be forming a great team. I personally as an individual see healthcare sector as not just an opportunity to build a business but also a sector where you can do social deeds. To be really honest with you We don’t aim at delivering Healthcare products, our aim is to deliver you Wellness. To contribute to the life quality of our customers, that's what our Vision is.”

Agam Mishra

B.Tech CSE, SRM University Alumni


It’s said when you work on things you are passionate about, you will never see it as work there after. So when the opportunity to work in fitness industry came to me in the form of core team member of FitSlash I was more than a happy tech guy.
Here at FitSlash i am working with Aman & Mansehaj to eliminate the myths about fitness industry, educate people about basics of fitness, advising them to what to do and not to do all based on our combined experiences.
When I started working out and i looked for dietary supplements, it was difficult for me to believe one person because nothing from a particular person came via science. It was all like fiction, so here we are working hard to give advises based on science and going by to moto “ Be authentic, sell authentic “.